Gadgets Trendnet Wireless Router Offers Powerful Internet Connectivity in Pocketsize

Trendnet Wireless Router Offers Powerful Internet Connectivity in Pocketsize

mini wifi router

TRENDnet has long fetched fame for its excellent networking solutions and is up with a miniature yet powerful 300Mbps Wireless N Travel Router to render seamless internet connectivity for its users. One thing that always deters me from being on the road is the plight of not being able to check my mailbox even once in a day or feel the pulse of my world, the blogsphere. The makers here understand this very need of internet freaks and offers a router with a plethora of features in an attire that is small enough to fit in your front pocket.

mini travel wifi router

To start, there is Access Point and Access Point Client modes, state-of-the-art wireless encryption to keep up with your valuable data and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna to give extensive Wi-fi coverage in space around the user. TRENDnet has offered  a good number of frills like convenient carrying case, a thin 3-foot Ethernet cable and two options to make sure your the router never stop pumping Wi-fi signals, namely a conventional yet eco-safe ( read Energy Star brand-stamped ) Power Adapter and a USB Cable to juice it up directly from the computer.

new mini travel router

You can buy one from ThinkGeek for only $80 and can go around bragging to own the world’s smallest Wireless Travel N Router. With Tech-giants scooping all types of gadgets with internet capabilities, this could become an indispensable part of your gadgetry too.  If you’d be interested to deck up your existing or newly bought router, do check the Angry Router Cover made out of felt fabric.


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