Apple PowerMac G4 Motorbike Mod

apple powermac g4 mod motorbike

Apple fans love the newly released iMac, Magic Mouse and additional Apple products, but back in the day, there were the awesome Apple Powermac G4 and G3 that were what every geek dreamed of. Since these same Apple computers cannot deliver forever, Apple modders have decided use an Old G4 and mod it as a body for a ‘Graphite’ (Gb Enet), 49cc, 2-stroke, petrol engine Motorbike – Now that is something even Steve Jobs would be proud of…keeping the G4 alive and riding it to speeds of approximately 30MPH.

powermac g4 mod motorbike

This amazing Apple PowerMac G4 Mod project was made by MotoG4, who explain in details about the entire process and could probably make apple fans jealous.

As can be seen in the pictures, the Apple PowerMac G4 remained true to its form, and although some cutting and modding was done…anyone can recognize the computer and Apple logo every time the MotoG4 passes by.

apple powermac g4 mod motorcycle

Basically, the PowerMac G4 was gutted on the inside, cut to fit the mini-motorbike and reinstalled with the plastic covering of the G4. When fitted on the bike, a wooden base was built, so the G4 would be snug and sturdy. This same wooden base also raises the entire G4 by a few extra inches, which both allows for a more natural seating and also provides further clearance for the back wheel.

apple g4 mod motorbike

For an additional Apple touch, an old Apple Pro Keyboard was sanded to become a nice and curved Windscreen. Even further, 2 of the G4 handles were attached to become the houses of LED headlights for this cool Mini motorbike.

apple g4 mac mod motorbike

Overall, besides an awesome combination of an Apple G4 PowerMac and a 50CC Motorbike, Apple geeks would be able to ride on an old G4 in speeds of 30 MPH.

powermac g4 motorbike mod

Via: Technabob