Women of Marvel, iPhone Halloween Costumes and a Werewolf Guide [Random Roundup]

This Roundup comes right before Halloween and includes Halloween Costumes, Giant iPhones, Space Invaders, Werewolves, David Hasselhoff, funny Animals, Cool Toilets and much more.

Enjoy the Roundup, and if you run across cool posts for future posts, be sure to send them by to [email protected].

where the wild things are cake design

Have a Happy Halloween!

Cool Random Posts:

1. Impressive street art

2. ‘The Werewolf’s Guide to Life’ Authors Explain Why Lycanthropy Isn’t Sexy

3. Marvel Rides the ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costume Craze with ‘Women of Marvel’

4. Take It Outside: Dr. iPod’s External iPhone Battery

5. Re-Invaded Space Invaders Hoody

6. Anti-gravity treadmill meant to reduce training injuries

7. Do It Yourself Rubik’s Cube USB Drive

8. Rocking Chair with built in OLED Lamp powered by you

9. iPhone halloween costumes go to next level

10. David Hasselhoff iPhone App Gives Bad Advice

11. 25 Animals That Think They’re People

12. 23 Awesome Toilets

13. Garmin Nuvi 880

14. The Top Five Idle Time Facebook Games

15. Kids Toys Turned Cakes