Olympus Digital Camera With 26X Zoom Lens Is Finally Here!

olympus dslr 26 optical zoom

In modern digital times everyone is hooked on to taking pictures and recording videos and even cell phones come equipped with limited fixed resolution lens for those who want to aim and shoot. For aim and shoot amateur photographers and geeks this Olympus Digital Camera with 26X zoom is a truly great wish come true. Of course even professionals will be happy to have a camera with such an inbuilt powerful optical zoom.

It is common sight to see amateurs, photojournalists and professional photographers using cool digital SLRs with detachable telephoto lens, wide angle and macro lens for taking those breathtaking shots. But it must be quite a hassle to attach and detach lenses and one really risks losing rare moments. This Olympus Digital Camera comes with 26X zoom and retractable lens for both wide angle and macro pictures. One can simply point and shoot high resolution close up, wide angle or macro shots by using this single simple digital camera, there is absolutely no need to carry telephoto and other lenses.

olympus dslr 26 optical zoom example

Do check out the product page for other finer technical details and order this longest 26 X zoom digital camera right away. The camera costs only $599.95, which is very cheap compared to the other digital cameras needing detachable telephoto zoom lens. The price includes USB cable and rechargeable battery lasts for nearly 340 images.

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