Super-Secret Spy Lens: For that Perfect Candid Camera Shot

spy camera lens

How many times have you wanted to take pictures of life as it happens, and yet once people see a camera pointed at them, they freeze up and act unnatural. This will no longer be a problem with this Super-Secret Spy Camera Lens. It not only lets you take some amazing pictures, but you can do it without your mark even knowing they are being photographed! It is perfect for photographing camera shy people, little children, or just some random candid camera action….like the an easy Spy Gadget.

camera spy lens

While this lens looks innocuous enough, the little hole on the side lets you point the camera at one thing, and shoot something completely different. It’s all done with some mirrors and some Hocus Pocus (not really). The cool part is, this lens fits on any brand of SLR (There are even some non SLR cameras with which you can use the Super-Secret Spy Lens), fits virtually all thread sizes and rotates 360 degrees so that you can have stealthy 90 degree shots in almost any direction. The website does warn of some vignetting, especially initially.
The Spy Lens is a 52mm lens without an adapter, and the whole contraption (with an adapter) will cost you anywhere between $50 and $55 depending on the thread size. If you want a version with all the adapters, then that costs $85. Considering the benefits of using this lens, it doesn’t seem that expensive really.

spy camera lens

Via: Photojojo