New Pacman Car Makes Geeks into Pimps

new pacman car

This beautiful car is actual Mr Pacman’s Car and it seems like it was featured on Pimp My Ride and really helped a Geek become a Pimp with a new set of wheels.

Unlike the previous Pacman Car that seemed more like a hobby, this car photographed by Da Nes is a beauty no matter how you look at it. I must admit though, that Pacman definitely adds to the car’s geekiness and makes it a lot more attractive in a techy’s eye.

pacman car hood

The car’s design has Pacman all over, from the actual paintjob on the body and mirrors to the custom leather seats and also the beautiful rims, that have Pacman appearing with every turn.

pacman car side view

It may not score you any chicks, but it will definitely scare the ghosts on your path out of the way.

For other cool cars, check out the Pacman Mini Cooper or the new Ghostbusters Ecto 2 Hummer.

pacman car rims

Via: GadgetHim

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