Computer Mouse Cursor GPS Bench Design: Digital Moves in the Real World

mouse cursor icon bench

The computer mouse cursor is probably one of the most familar icons to anyone worldwide, and this new GPS enabled bench brings it to the real world with digital tracking.

computer mouse cursor bench

Seen at the cultural festival Ingravid, Catalunya, this project by Sebastain Champion is called Urban Cursor, and allows people in the real world to move a mouse cursor around and track their own movements in the digital world.

cool mouse cursor bench design

It is a full sized bench that is shaped and colored just like the all familar mouse cursor we see on a daily basis at home, in the office or at a colleague’s house. It consists of a GPS device, so as individuals move it around and change its location, a map is being updated Online and changes can be tracked.

cool mouse cursor bench

While everyone would agree that many geeks need a little breather away from their computer, this is kind of a funny way to lure them away. Instead of them playing with the computer keyboard and mouse at home, they will move the cursor around in the real world, but at least they will get some exercise.

mouse cursor bench design

A similar way that previously tried to get geeks outside to play was the Mouse Cursor Kite to point and click from the sky. Besides that, for those who prefer the Online cursor, there was another version of it with the Hand Cursor Oven Mitts.

mouse cursor bench

Via: TheDesignBlog