Pacman and Pinky Contest Recipes Are Lipsmacking!

Pac Man Food Recipe

Drawing board designs now come to the dinner table, thanks to these mouth-watering (literally!) ‘Pacman and Pinky’ rice and pancake recipes that look too good to be true. Although quite inappropriately named for a foodie fest, the Mr. Bento Porn contest had its share of boundless creativity. While ’Nadja Robot’ has relied quite a bit on food and Neon coloring, another participant ‘Zuchinno’ used Salami, Pretzels, Mayonnaise, and Apple Jacks for his (her?) recipe, which might seems a little jaded owing to the lack of coloring agents.

Pac Man and Pinky Lunch Recipe

We have come across collectibles based on the popular Pacman characters, but this is perhaps one of the rare occasions when designs transform from being just creatively palatable to becoming epicurean delights. In this case, it is not just the application of skills that marvels us but the clear thought process that had gone into making them edible. We are certainly hungry for more! And for those of you curious about the result of the contest…Nadja Robot came in second with her Ms. Pacman and delightful Pinky lunch.

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