Evil Master Darth Vader’s Mask Is A Masterpiece

Darth Vader Helmet Design

The evil master of the dark side will invade your soul once again, if you care to catch a glimpse of this fabulous Darth Vader mask that is! Showcased at the “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” exhibit at the California Science Center located in Los Angeles, this Darth Vader mask caught by Sheeky is a glorious tribute to one of the most hated yet awe-inspiring reel characters of all time.  The mask has been created with junk items such as hard drives, drive heads, bearings, read/write heads, etc. from an old computer (?). Having said that, it is hard not to express admiration for the amount of effort put into creating something as impressive as this!

Darth Vader, for those of you who came late (a shame, though!), is the lead antagonist of the iconic Star Wars series. Over the years, we have seen several groupies exhibit their creativity in developing designs based on this franchise and, especially, this character. This one certainly has a special place among the most dexterous of all creations.

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