Leaf Phone Concept Redefines Practicality

Leaf Phone

If you are a sucker for eccentric, mind-boggling concept designs, you have the perfect gratification in the Leaf Phone, a model that could end up being the most practical gadget of the future. It has been built with a strong understanding of modern day needs, while making sure it beats convention in every form. Take for example, the design of the leaf. With the eco-revolution gaining ground, the best way to sell a product is by incorporating elements of nature in the design. The ‘leaf’ in this case, hits the bull’s eye. As far as ergonomics is concerned, you have a phone that understands the dynamics of your muscles. Yes, it smugly fits around any part of your body without leaving you discomfited.

Leaf Phone Styling

Leaf Phone Usage

The Leaf Phone designed by Anastasia Zharkova is an expression, and a tribute to theories on multi-utility. It combines a communicator and a mini PC into the phone. To access the Internet or to use the computer inside, all you need to do is direct the laser keyboard on to any part of your wall and watch the magic unfold. It runs on solar energy, so you would never have to worry about power. Alternatively, you can use electromagnetic batteries when there is a cloud cover. Well, you couldn’t create a more practical or futuristic cellphone than this!

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Via: The Design Blog