Learn the Periodic Tables of Elements Even While You Sleep with this Awesome Blanket

Do any of us even remember the periodic table of elements that we had to learned by heart in school?  For those who do not remember, this blanket will definitely stay in your memory for much longer.

The quilt is made to show the periodic elements in their respective places on the periodic table, and definitely a good idea for one to be amongst the elements.

periodic table of elements blanket

The quilt is stitched perfectly, with every square the same size and in perfect place. Every set of elements are differentiated and made in different colors in this quilt – Red for the Alkali Metals, Pink  for the Alkaline Earth Metals, The Transition Metals are all in shades of grey, Post Transition Metals are in shades of purple, Metalloid and Non Metals in orange, Halogens in yellow and the Noble Gases in shades of green. The Lanthanoid and the Actinoids are found below, in their places in blue.

If you have the inclination and the patience to make something like this such as Scott McG, it is a wonderful idea for a gift for a little boy or girl. It is the kind of gift that will most definitely spark an interest in science for a little kid, and one can imagine them lying on the quilt and learning the tables and the various groups of elements much before any of the other kids their age do.

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