Roomba Pacman Game Makes Me Want to Clean My Home

roomba vacuum pacman game

This cool presentation shows an intricate Roomba Pacman Game that was finely tuned to have Pacman both play the actual game and make sure to clean up as he runs his rounds.

Unlike the previous Pacman Roomba Vacuum we seen, this specific video presents the original Pacman Game being played utilizing 5 separate Roomba Vacuums: one for Pacman and four for the four separate ghosts from the Pacman arcade game.

The Pacman video shows a demonstration of the video and also explains the intelligence system behind the actual game. It includes Pacman truly needing to stay our of harm’s way, the ghosts recognizing the Pacman Roomba thus moving to ‘chase mode’, Pacman powerup which in turn can ‘eat’ and disqualify a ghost and more fun stuff.

The Red tape seen in the video is for video demonstration only, and i not required to provide Pacman any direction through his game field.

Check out the cool Roomba Pacman video below and tell us how bad you want the set of 5 Roombas in your home.

Via: Engadget