SoundRacer Gadget Makes Your Car Roar Loud

soundracer fm transmitter

If your car is not that fast, doesn’t have that much power, and doesn’t have enough to make it Roar, then the SoundRacer gadget could be a great option to give your car a little life.

Many said that if you want to be tough, you have to act tough or in other words…fake it until you make it. Well, the SoundRacer allows small time and powerless vehicles to fill a little juice and make them sound a lot more bad-ass then they truly are.

The way it works is that the SoundRacer hooks up to your car charger for power and transmits really V8 or V10 sounds through your car’s stereo by the FM Transmitter. Moreover, based on SoundRacer specs, it actually works along with your car’s RPMs, so when you will rev up your family van at a red light, it will work according to your lead foot.

Seems like a great toy for boys who want to be Men, or Men who simply cannot afford the roaring cars. Either way, for only $39.99, the SoundRacer is a fun toy that is harmless and would make Tim the Toolman excited.

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Demo Via: OhGizmo