Muppets Chessboard Set: A Proxy Battlefield

Muppets Chessboard

If you fancy a frog playing the role of the king on your chess board, then you certainly can try your luck with the Muppet Show Deluxe Collector’s Chess Set. It features the popular Muppet characters, including Kermit the frog, Queen Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the dog, amongst others. They replace your ‘tough as steel’, no-nonsense, gallant soldiers on the battlefield, and we believe it could lead to a gag-fest for sure. The 7 Muppet characters on your chessboard might be a little awkward-looking to start with, but there is a high possibility that you would get used to it by the time you say checkmate for the first time.

Muppets Chessboard pieces

We have seen comic characters-inspired chessboards, and this adds to the line-up. However, there are some of us who would like to believe that the seriousness of the game should never be dampened with tomfoolery such as this. Yet, we are not stubborn enough to not see the other side of the wall, where most would like to believe that everything goes in entertainment. For this community, this chessboard is a fine collectible. You can get one for $49.95.

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