Car Finder iPhone App for Forgetful Lads!

Car finder iPhone app

Being forgetful isn’t a domain of jug-heads anymore, for money driven choices and herculean work schedules leave us with bountiful of stress, thereby using up most of our brain space and making us forget simple but important stuff. So here is an iPhone app that will at least take care of one of your important and valued possessions, your car.

Hailed as Car Finder, the iPhone app helps you find your travel baby amongst the herd with the use of Augmented Reality. The makers are none other than Intridea, a name associated with quality application development on popular mobile devices like iPhone and its competitors.

A Camera, a GPS (Assisted GPS that enhances the performance of a standalone GPS when subscribed to a network) and a compass built into the 3GS version of the iPhone are the apparatus that work together that help you find your car with state-of-the-art technology. The app will position an overlay on top of a live view of what’s in front of you…including where your car was parked.

Owing to sprawling parking spaces these days and a tipsy head after a stress-free evening, tracing your car could spoil it all. But the Car Finder lets you set a note for your parking spot so when your brain refuses to co-operate, you iPhone would be happy to help.

The price tag of $0.99 which suggests it’s definitely worth a try. If you want to plunge into other interesting iPhone apps, check out the Photoshop on iPhone, Viper Smart Start iPhone App and the Proactive Sleep Alarm.