Gold PS3 Slim for 5 Rich Gamers

gold ps3 slim mod

I know that Sony has recently made a substantial price cut with the new PS3 Slim release, but to have a Gold PS3 Slim just raises the price again…but a lot higher than it even began.

Computer Choppers are at it again, and this time they are providing a new PS3 Slim color that is too rich for many gamers…shiny 24K gold. You heard right! this new Playstation Slim is being dipped in 24Karat Gold, making this probably the most expensive video game console ever made, unless you count computers in the equation, and then you have the 24 Karat Gold Macbook Pro.

Now the thing is, Choppers are also limiting this release (or splurge) to 5 single PS3 Slims, which makes it even more difficult for gaming fans to get their hands on one…even just to see, touch or play.

Well, no one said beauty comes cheap, and in this case, the anticipated high price is not yet provided. I guess we will just have to wait to see if our piggy bank can afford one of the Gold PS3’s…of yeah, and also see more images of the console.

Via: SlipperyBrick

9 thoughts on “Gold PS3 Slim for 5 Rich Gamers

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  3. jocy jones.

    I mean anyone who has a deep and undeniable love for the PS3 slim would happily have a gold version but in reality does it play any different from the others? when you put in the new Assassins creed 2 will it have hidden extras like special characters or levels to do because it’s a gold one? probably not so why don’t we all save ourselves a few thousands and just enjoy the black one instead!

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