NES Console Fighting Stick Mod is a Bit Retro

nes fighting stick mod

There could never be too many NES mods, and here we present another addition to the many Nintendo mods created but in a rather weird combo: NES Console and a Fighting Stick.

Now of course, this NES mod is not an actual functional NES and a fighting stick together, but rather just a fighting stick that was built inside the console. If you really think about it, there is no way that the NES would withstand the controller jerking and moving while playing the game.

Still, this is a really cool retro mod that would make old NES fans extremely excited to have such a cool looking fighting stick to play in today’s actual consoles such as the Xbox 360. Even the buttons are completely in check with the old school color scheme.

nes console fighting stick mod

For more details on how it was actually done, modded and transformed into such a great looking controller, check out the links below.

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nes fighting stick mod console

Via: Kotaku