The Mona Lisa Of Motherboards Design

This weird looking portrait is actually a hardware copy of the Mona Lisa made entirely out of motherboards and is the centerpiece of the lobby if the ASUS headquarters at Taiwan, whose employees are obviously much enthralled by art and nerdy stuff, to get such such a cool combination out of two completely different aspects of life.

mona lisa paiting motherboards

What obviously looks like the work of some bored IT engineer who decided to get acquainted with his artistic side (a.k.a: LeoNERDo) ; or maybe an artist who may have dreamt about being an IT engineer; Either way this piece looks really cool and it really does revive the all the mystery behind her smile. This thing would definitely classify as another one of those clever reincarnations of something that changed the course of world history.

mona lisa drawing motherboards

I wonder what Leonardo DA Vinci himself would have to say if he had a chance to see this?, still this piece is worth all the appreciation it can get as this is a rare compilation of what I would like to put as Mona Lisa-The Mother Of All Motherboards.

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via:[Craziest Gadgets]