New Appstand iPhone Frame Stands Tall On the Shoulders Of The Old Photo Frames

If you ever wondered what would replace those old dusty photo frames lying dead on your shelves, then it’s time to stop scratching your head because the new Appstand does just that; it provides a stand for your iPhone 3GS and the 3G that makes it look like a digital photo frame.

iphone app stand digital frame

The features that come onboard with the appstand consist of interchangeable appmats, an open window to allow easy access to the touchscreen and the home button also included is the inbuilt charger which can be connected to with your standard cable and exposed microphone for better audio quality.

the stand comes with a dock for your that gives you the effect of a fully fledged photo frame while flipping through your pics and  other media. The back satin finish gives it a very cool and contemporary look which shakes off the stereotype that digital photo stands have to look tacky. One thing I thought would look cool would be the digital fish tank that you could play when your phone is on the dock, but then you could do whatever you want with it.

The features offered with this iPhone appstand are so-so but I guess are worth it when t retails for just $20.00 at Appstand.

For other bizaare looking iPhone stand, check out the Dreamcast iPhone Dock or the tutorial on how to make a cardboard iPhone stand.