Mods The Eye Pod Victrola iPod Dock Tests The Strength Of Your Gut

The Eye Pod Victrola iPod Dock Tests The Strength Of Your Gut

Eye Pod Victrola

We never knew iPods could be modified to gross some and freak others out, until we caught a glimpse of the Victrola Eyepod amazing creation. We don’t recommend second looks for the faint-hearted, for this mod can seriously give you the creeps. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Doctor Grymm (yes, that’s what the designer calls himself) has used a motley mix of materials (old typewriters, formed brass and steel, leather and quartz crystals) to put together a contraption that you wouldn’t have envisaged even in your wildest dreams – a gigantic eye popping out from the iPod controller section, and a crystal ball (?) replacing the comparably delectable screen; all resting on a steampunk victrola base with a blaring horn (we certainly hope there are no eerie tunes played for the additional effect).  Good news, though. It plays like your regular iPod so you can handpick your own tunes.

Steampunk Eye Pod Victrola iPod

Steampunk Victrola Eye Pod
The Eye-Pod can also be worn around the wrist with the help of the leather cuff included at the rear, if you are fine being perceived as a weirdo that is! We also hear that Doctor Grymm is planning a more conventional ‘hearing apparatus’ for his creation. Well, that should give us some respite. All said and done, objectively speaking, this is one fine handiwork. We should give the designer some credit for his incredulous thought process, however unpleasant to the gut it might be!

For other eccentric iPod based designs, check out the iPod Touch Robot, Steampunk iPod and the iPod Bread Design, the Breadpod.


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