Tetris and Pacman Car Makeover!

We all remember that tingling feeling when we tried out our very own car for the first time, well some really insane car maniac just took his craze for cars to the very next level with Tetris and Pacman. He actually managed to convert the game graphics of the two most famous arcade games: Tetris and Pacman into a graphics that shows only cars in place of the actual characters (could be wrong as I have no idea of what the written matter means).

tetris car design poster

What looks like the work of some car crazed maniac, could in fact attract some opposition from the part of the world who like these games more than anything. These graphics by Ronald Cuyan have totally redefined the way in which we have a look at our cars, what I meant was that we would no longer view our cars as mere transportation mediums but as an integral part of our gaming life as well. Imagine being stuck in traffic and having a really tough time, one could just imagine the whole traffic jam is nothing but a huge life size Cartified Tetris game, or one could re interpret a standard car chase in a movie for the Pacman game.

pacman game car poster

Well if you are the kind of person who like to take his love for Pacman and cars to the next level then better have a look at this particular car design involving Pacman and SPace Invaders. For more specific vehicles, check out the Pimp Pacman Car or the Pacman Soap Box Car.