Swarovski Crystal iPhone Cases Ups The Bling Factor

Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case

We all love Swarovski, and so this 3G crystal iPhone 3G Faceplate case is certainly eye-candy stuff for us and for those who love a little ‘bling’ in their life. These crystal cases are quite convenient to use, too, as you can attach the plates to your phone and take them off in a blink.

The cases by Crystal Cases are fabricated with 100% Swarovski crystals; with designs including light rose and crystal clear AB on either side in one, crystal AB alone in another, and Crystal Jet Squares in an alternate version. The size of the crystals, we hear, is 12ss (we wouldn’t know what it exactly means, though!).

Swarovski Crystal iPhone 3G Case

Some of you might be deceived into believing that the ‘Flip Flop’ or the ‘Heart’ is just a flat embellishment. This actually is the best part about the case, since the cute little sandals and the appealing heart structure are fixed to the faceplate and offer a 3D effect. Apparently, these designs can also be applied to other phones as well. If you do not own an iPhone, well, that’s some great news! The Swarovski case costs between $135 and $175 (we aren’t surprised), but if you seek economy, you could probably design it yourself. Seems simple, ain’t it?

Swarovski Crystal iPhone Faceplate

For more pretty Swarovski designs, you can check out the PacMan, Tetris & Space Invaders Swarovski creations. If you are looking for iPhone cases, the Carbon Fiber Case is a good buy.

Swarovski iPhone Faceplate