Good Old Cardboard Art In A Whole New Light

motorcycle cardboard art

When someone says cardboard, the first thing that comes to your mind is a rectangular white sheet of something a little thicker than paper but obviously Chris Gilmour has a very different take on cardboard as he illustrates through these amazing sculptures.

cardboard bicycle art

All his works are life-size and are made completely out of cardboard, with a level of ¬†attention to detail that will blow you away. The fact that he’s taken something that has been stereotyped to being very geometric and turned it on its head just accentuates the amazing skill and patience it has taken him to produce these masterpieces. Oh yes coming back to the attention to detail; the detailing on these sculptures is so high that it could even give a computer graphics designer a run for his money. The chain and the spokes on the cycle look really cool and are worth a closer look.

cardoards 2

His collection includes everything from Moka to vintage Ashton Martins and even contain a trike, which I feel looks the best)…Just hope that he keeps up the good work and produces sculptures that continue to make jaws drop.

cardboard car art

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Via: nook-sucasa