Biometric Finger Print Door Lock and Deadbolt Lock

biometric door lock

Biometric fingerprint recognition has become part of several new gadgets now a days, the most common one being our laptops where it stores and secures our precious files and data, the other most obvious application of fingerprint recognition would be in security systems; which is why Opulentitems brings us the biometric finger print door lock and deadbolt lock for securing our homes.

The door lock uses fingerprints or pass codes and comes with a keypad, which can be set to store up to 50 fingerprints. Though it uses high end technology this door lock is installed in the same way all other door locks are installed, with a different set for left handed people. It has four keys for emergency and turns itself off when not in use.

You would require six AA batteries to use this door lock. If you are interested in increasing the security then you should opt for the biometric deadbolt door lock which has a sliding piece of steel. Both door locks come with covers which will help them gel into your decor. The idea of having such security is very reassuring especially in high profile places which needs them, but of course these would not entirely constitute of those security systems, but would just be a part of it. For all the different security options available i think we would all rely on select Hollywood movies like Mission Impossible, Terminator etc…

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biometric door bolt