FALLOUT Motorcyle Concept Is A Treat For Squiddies

FALLOUT motorcycle concept

It is time for another eyeball fest, squiddies, for here we are with a mean machine waiting to be ripped – the FALLOUT concept motorcycle. William Woods’ baby is certainly a treat to the eyes, and we hope that it doesn’t disappoint on the adrenaline factor, either…as was the case with the Tron Motorcycle.

A strange cross between a chopper and a street bike, FALLOUT (sounds more like a Transformer!) gives ‘function over form’ lovers a great reason to party. It is an out-and-out hub-centered design, with a Bimota sourced chassis giving it the intimidating stance. The frame is linked to the single side swingarm to achieve this objective.

FALLOUT concept bike
In addition to the above, FALLOUT has short bobber handles for sporty maneuvering, a chopped exhaust along with a hunchback design for the gigantic tank. Well, we wouldn’t call it exactly aesthetic but for those who love nonlinear designs with a big bite, this concept clinches it.

FALLOUT motorcycle concept rear

William Woods has also incorporated cutting edge technology to complement the raw power (hopefully!) with unmatched performance. A special mention about the strange looking headlamps, which for some reason are directed sideways! We wouldn’t know why, but it certainly completes the eccentricity of the motorbike. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one, whenever it hits the roads that is!

FALLOUT motorcycle concept headlamp

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FALLOUT motorcycle concept tank