Star Wars Holiday Yoda Plush Doll

Geek toys are perfect gifts to give people this season and if your friend or loved one is a Star Wars fan, then your choice becomes all the more easier- thanks to the Star Wars Holiday Plush Yoda.

Ever since the release of the first Star Wars film in 1977, geeks around the world are bedazzled by the various characters and their power depicted in the film series. However, the intensity of attraction was magnified with the entry of the Yoda, who personified the Force.

This 7″ tall Yoda is the perfect way to spread the cheer of the season, especially because he has a Santa hat along with a candy cane, instead of the normal one. He personifies love and giving this season and is there to make sure that you get all your gifts. If you are the one who buys and gives presents in your home, then you should definitely get the Plush Yoda and let him deliver with his power, for it is only $9.99.

So, make merry with your own version of the Star Wars SD Holiday Plush Yoda today!

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