Tetris Origami Blocks are Outstanding

soma cube

This is some crafty Tetris stuff that you should definitely take a look at, and I bet when you do, you would want these Tetris bricks Origami art for yourself! qiaochang has displayed colorful Tetris blocks as part of the origami collection, and they are absolutely gorgeous!

It is an inspiring piece of work, Origami in itself is not so easy, I once tried to learn, and I am still trying…but who could have thought of making such beautiful Soma cubes using that.
soma cube 2

In case you are wondering a Soma Cube is a dissection puzzle, based on  mathematical calculations. It was invented by Piet Hein. The puzzling part about this particlar soma cube is that you have to use seven pieces of Tetris blocks and assemble it into a 3x3x3 cube…sounds strange doesn’t it, but of course it is possible!

soma cube assembled
If the puzzle intrigues you then I am sure you are going to be reading about soma cubes and how they came into existence, so i’ll leave all of that to you with some more clues…if you have ever heard, then you would be able to figure out a soma cube puzzle better. What you would have figured out by now is that the different shapes that can be made using these pieces, form some of the blocks in the game of Tetris. If you want this collection, you have to work hard for it, it is definitely not easy to make them.

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