Verbarius Linguistic Clock Has A ‘Telling’ Effect

Verbarius Text Clock

The simplicity of the Verbarius clock makes you wonder why nobody ever thought of this concept earlier, even though similar ideas have surfaced. Well, a time-telling clock is the farthest you can go in knocking down the complexities of gadget making. It doesn’t display the hours, seconds or the minutes, but literally spells it out for you – in multiple different ways each time. So, if it is 10:45, the clock can either say ten forty-five, quarter to eleven, forty-five minutes past ten, or fifteen to eleven. For people who are lazy enough not to move their ass or open their eyelids, this is a lifesaver.

Verbarius Language Change

The best feature of Verbarius by Artlebedev is its linguistic abilities. It can speak English, German, Spanish, French and Russian; in order to make sense of what is being said, all you need to do is depress the ‘smiley’ button and choose the language of your native tribe. Moreover, you can download additional languages if the standard ones are beyond your ability to comprehend. Now, that’s what we call customization. Also beefing up the feature list is a 512MB SD Card that helps you store your languages. When you have a slick clock that behaves more ‘radically’ than the rest of its brethren, what else can you hope for, to up your ‘cool factor’.

Verbarius Rear

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Verbarius Time Change