Darth Vader and R2-D2 Key Chains with Sound and Light Effects Are quite Geeky

Darth Vader Key Chain 1

Key chains are simplest and most important accessories even for the geekiest kind who swear on password protected locks, and it is no wonder some geek designer from Japan has come up with key chains inspired by forever popular star wars characters Darth Vader and R2-D2 the droid that too complete with their characteristics – sound of Darth Vader’s breathing and R2-D2’s light emitting eyes.  These effects are enough to scare people away in the dark using simple key chains.

Darth Vader Key Chain2

Darth Vader key chain has a button on the top of scary Vader head and with one push you get to hear Vader’s deadly breathing sound.  R2-D2 key chain has LED lights inside the eyes of famous geeky droid which one can light up with single push on its head.

r2-d2 key chain1

The sound is quite scary it seems and light quite bright enough. That’s the geek touch – fitting in small gadgets to emit sound and light in smallest of accessories like key chains which can be operated by simple touch. This is high on both fun and utility. Scary sound can ward off people and small bright light is enough to illuminate dark spaces around you. And of course they can hold keys to important things of your world.

r2-d2 key chain2

The R2D2 keychain runs for $11.99 and Darth Vader is at only $12.99, but both would make great Christmas stocking stuffers for the most Geekiest of Christmas.

Star Wars characters are inspirational to all geeky designers. You can get home R2-D2 Video Projector or Darth Vader Toaster.