The USB Key Design: Universal Serial Key To All Doors!

All those sneaky, peaky thieves out there, this is something that each one of you should own, a master key to open all doors and gates…especially in this computer age. This device promises to give its user an easy access to almost every door that is existent in the universe!

For a  moment back there it seemed that this USB design by Dialog 05 could be the dream key to everything, but sadly crushing the hopes of the  ITC, (International Thieves Committee) this device turned out to be a USB Flash Drive instead, all molded in the shape of a Door Handle.

Door Handle USB

To some it may sound like a waste of time and money, but at the same time, to some it may sound as a cool new device that could make their life a bit more groovy and fun. Still it surely serves it’s purpose, to store all the data that you require and keep it safe from the people you do not want the data to get disclosed to, much working like the real door and it’s handle.

Sadly we do not have any information as to what specifications this device boasts of or the proposed price tag it will be wearing but we do know one thing for sure, this is definitely gong to be a big hit among the sneaky community of the society.

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