Big Lebowski Talking Keychain Brings The Movie Back To Life

Big Lebowski Talking Dude Keychain

There is nothing much you need to do to profess your love for the Dude and his motley entourage of cool characters except hoard a bunch of Big Lebowski collectibles, including this Walter Talking Keychain. The Big Lebowski Key Clips play some of your favourite lines from the cult classic, including ‘My friend, you are entering a world of pain’. Coen Brothers certainly did us a favour bringing ‘laidback’ back in vogue through the ‘Dude’ of course. It goes without saying that Jeff Bridges breathed the part, endearing us not just to the character in the movie. The best lines in the movie now come alive through this talking keychain. There are dude lines and there are lines from Walter, like the one above and ‘This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules’. Of course, bowling found a huge number of takers after this.

Big Lebowski Talking Keychain

Big Lebowski collectibles have started flooding the shelves in the past couple of years. We have seen costumes, lego creations, t-shirts, other key chains, and a heap of small, random objects doing service to this eternal classic. Now, with this keychain the makers have gone a step ahead. So, if you loved the ‘I don’t roll on Shabbas’, and the ‘You’re out of your element!’, you need to think no more. Get one for $12.

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