Magritte Macbook Mod Decal Is Eclectic

Book of Joe Notebook Decal

The classic ‘Son of Man’ creation by Magritte will now adorn your Macbook laptop, thanks to Dan who has laser etched the concept on a laptop. Rene Magritte had painted the self-portrait in 1964, finding takers across the world for his radical idea. For those of you who have come late…the ‘Son of Man’ painting has a guy’s face obscured by an apple – a perfect theme for an Apple notebook. This designer has leveraged it conveniently, and we have no complaints about the final output. It looks appealing, alright!

Son of Man Magritte Notebook Art

We have seen quite a few designers experimenting with the concept of laser etching laptops with movie characters, comic strip heroes, etc. And here we are, with one more interesting addition to this eclectic list. Appropriately nicknamed ‘Book of Joe’, the ‘decal’ offers Magritte’s art a whole new dimension – one that would further lend tooth to the fact that the painting was certainly ahead of its time. The notebook design, however, may be contemporary. But as far as sales, Magritte fans and art lovers would not think twice before gobbling it up.

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Via: Book Of Joe