Boba Fett Potato Head: Spuda Fett Star Wars Exclusive

There is not much to say and write about the character Boba Fett Mr Potato Head remake, but just like the other Star Wars Potato Heads, the Spuda Fett is another amazingly great addition to the Star Wars toys Exclusives.

Spuda Fett

The Star Wars Boba Fett Potato Head from Yodamann is just like any other star war collection, an equally great fun toy. The character looks outstanding in its great armor and comes with a laser rifle along with a jet pack too. It is nothing to worry about even if you find some paints coming out of his helmet. This is just to give a battle worn look. Dressed in green classic shoes, yellow shoulder pads and red gauntlets with missile sculpted on it are just superb. The damage marks in the helmet gives a more attractive look, apart from his colorful helmet.

boba fett potato head

Spuda Fett2

Just as the other Star Wars toys, Mr. Spuda Fett is a real fun, but is only available at the Disney parks at present. As the Christmas and New Year is about to roll over, the Mr. Potato Head Spuda Fett from the Star Wars Edition can be a great toy gift for the tiny toy lover at your home. So, if you really know someone who is planning for a Disney vacation, do not miss the chance of picking up one of this toy for your tiny toy lover.

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