Steampunk Chess Table: The Heart of Your Living Room

Steampunk Millenium Chess Table

It is really tough to get away from the childhood memories of piloting a speedy space vehicle in the sleep, and it is even more difficult if you are a genuine fan of Star Wars. With this Steampunk Millenium Chess Table, you can refresh those childhood nostalgic memories once again. Trip back with time and space to your nostalgic memories of childhood with this exclusive chess table.

Steampunk Millenium Chess Table(2)

The Millenium Chess Table is an example of outstanding piece of work that can make every Star wars fan to become nostalgic. The Steampunk Millenium Chess Table is designed to give the unique look of the legendary starship of the Star Wars. It is an example of perfectly showcased Steampunk design integrated with some great features and a real fun. The built-in flash drive of the Millenium Chess Table replicates mimic scenes of 50 seconds from the movie along with music and lighting, which is no doubt an added attraction. Not only the design, but also the audio and video capabilities has made the Millenium Chess Table an interactive and exclusive work piece of the present date.

Steampunk Millenium Chess Table(3)

With a number of control switches nicely arranged on the table and various light patterns, the Steampunk Millenium Chess Table is not just any static decorative item. Instead, it can be the real point of attraction and heart of your living room.

Via: Bornrich