Nautilus And Villanizer Steampunk Guitar Designs Redefine Steampunk

Nautilus Steampunk Guitar

The ‘Nautilus’ and the ‘Villanizer’ are two really cool guitar designs that have completely floored us. For one, the Steampunk genre that they belong to is one of our closely watched segments and this is a perfect example of how this genre can soon redefine the ‘design’ world. Secondly, with almost everybody exploring ‘Steampunk’, an eyeball-popping design has become a rarity. However, with the Nautilus, you will have even Captain Nemo acknowledging that there couldn’t have been a better tribute. On the other hand, Villanizer is what you would call the objectification of ‘meanness’. SpazedOut, the designer of these guitars, certainly has showed great craftmanship in creating two benchmark works in the Steampunk department.

The Villanizer Steampunk Guitar

The Villanizer has sharpness written all over it. The edges can give razors a run for their money. And we hope, the music has a similar effect too. The Nautilus, as we mentioned, has taken design cues from the legendary ship of Jules Verne’s classic. The glowing orb at the base completes the mysterious effect. Both these designs, obviously, have used a lot of metal and we can’t help playing out the ‘pun’ in our head. Check it out and you’ll feel the effect for yourself.

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