Keyboard Sticker Set Gives Your Kid A Hang Of The QWERTY

Keyboard Sticker Set

It is time to take a trip back to the days of ‘watch and learn’ with this Computer Keyboard sticker set which is colorful, valuable and simply adorable. Kids who have trouble locating alphabets that are not ‘conventionally’ in order will certainly benefit a lot from this image association-based learning. Designed by Christopher Delorenzo, these stickers have matching ‘faces’ for every alphabet on the keyboard (note, only for the alphabets and not the numbers!). For example, ‘P’ would have a pirate sticker on it so little Dave wouldn’t have any issues keying Parrots in.

Computer Keyboard Sticker Set
This association based learning is definitely cool and is a great way to keep kids engaged. Most of you would have had trouble convincing your ward that it just takes a couple of extra days to get a hang of the QWERTY and for those unsuccessful so far, this sticker set is a lifesaver. Now that every kid is growing up on a healthy diet of virtual learning, he/she might as well pick up stuff soon. The best part is the integration of an age-old learning method with modern day technology (read computers). We certainly have found the solution to pesky kids who tug at you to give them a ‘learning’ hand.

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