Robots Robo-Pilot Offers A Minimalist Outlook Of The Future

Robo-Pilot Offers A Minimalist Outlook Of The Future

Robo Pilot

All of us believe that someday robot ‘surrogates’ will make our lives easier, and Petros Stambolis subscribes to this notion through his Robo-Pilot CAD creation. Yes, it isn’t functional or out of the drawing board yet, but we have reason enough to believe that this is not stuff of fantasies. Another day and age in the near future, there would be robots driving us around, flying us around and hopefully, ‘designing’ better humans too. Petros’ take on the future of flying is quite minimalist, we would like to believe. There is nothing complex about the robot or the flying machine, as evident from this drawing. So much so that, you might be directed into believing that this is a toy straight out of a Mattel store. However, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

The Robo-Pilot takes inspiration from the works of Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon and quite impressively, at that! The designer has put his 3D CAD skills to application, but we are a tad bit disappointed with the airplane, which could have been a lot more futuristic.

Robo Pilot CAD Sketch

For more inspiring robot designs and concepts, you can check out the Robot Fingers and the PetCare Robot.

Robo Pilot Future Robot


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