Top Christmas Gift Gadgets for Women

Coolest gadgets for women are usually gendered and they try to sell you by the means of how “feminine” a gadget is, and if you are a woman, you may not like the way the product is being positioned and gendered. Also, if you are a guy searching for some cool gadgets for female friends or family, they might actually be offended when you buy them something is supposed to be really feminine, like a Pink iPod.

Thus, it is always better to stick to products that are not highly genderized as you never know what the person who receives the gift may feel when something is too gendered. However, it is also possible to have a few great laughs about all the so called “feminine-gadgets” that try to appeal to the female buyer by being released in pink, orange and the like.

USB Gadgets

We all know that the market is flooded with USB gadgets that are downright stupid, while some are totally cool. Here are a few that we found to be really cool and fun.

usb crunching rocky

The Rocky Balboa USB Toy is a great gift to your guy who refuses to workout. If you don’t want your man to be flabby, give him this funny USB toy and inspire him to look like Sylvester Stallone. However, you could also stare at the USB plug which is placed strategically and have a good laugh at it. It costs $27.4.

usb cake hub

Here is another “feminine” gadget that is almost funny. The Fruity Juicy USB hub lets you connect all the USB gadgets in an “tasty” manner. The Fruity Juicy USB hub costs $17.

usb clock hub

This analog and digital clock USB Hub is a great way to say on time, while also staying geeky. It costs $19.95.

Pet Gadgets

There is nothing better than having a few cats around you, to kill the boredom. This Christmas, forget about the man or woman in your life, and show some love to your pet instead.

pet cat cabin

The Cat Cabin Bed is a cosy space your kitty can sleep in. It costs $100.

pet cat toy

If your cat is gaining a lot of fat, buy it this cool toy, which makes them run around. The Cat Toy costs $20.

pet dog treadmill

If it is your dog that is getting fat and not your cat, buy the Dog Treadmill for $899.95.

Spy Gadgets

Spy gadgets are great fun, though most would not like to admit it. It gives a great sense of pleasure to notice things while staying unnoticed. If things go wrong, self defense always come to your rescue.

spy lipstick gun

There is nothing worse than knowing that you or your female friends/family can be victims of aggression. This cool Lipstick Stun Gun delivers a vicious blow to the aggressor, and costs $29.47.

spy nightvision goggles

The Eyeclops night vision goggles are a great way to see what is happening in the dark. They cost $89.99.

soy gum cam

Use this mini spy cam to film whatever you want, and bring the voyeur in you alive. It costs $48.75.

Music and Media Players

Thankfully not everyone thinks that women and girls need to have decidedly feminine gadgets. These amazing music players make sure that you have a great time, no matter what. Moreover, these music players can be given to both men and women.

music player zune

The Zune is an amazing media player which is a must-have. Give it to anyone, and they will love it. It costs $289.99.

music player iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is more popular because of the iPod name. It is an amazing way to groove to the music and costs $274.99.

Geeky Pillows

The geekier you get, the more people think you are boring and colourless. You can buy these cool pillows for yourself or for your friend s and show them what a little colour can do to life. They can be given to both men and women, though they are very colorful.

bedroom pillow

The Text Talk Pillows allow you to extend your Internet lingo to the bedroom, and they cost $15.99.

bedroom social pillow

If you are the social media pro, get these cool Social Networking Pillows and encourage others to use them and social networking sites more often. They cost $14.99 and above.

bedroom rss pillow

The RSS Icon Pillow speaks for itself and costs $15.

Geeky Lamps

People may think that women only like colourful gadgets, and that is not true. Sometimes in order to prove them wrong, you should gift those colourful stuff to those people who think they are for women. Give these colourful lamps to guys who think colourful lamps are for women. If it’s a woman who feels that way, you can give these colourful lamps and rub it in.

lamp sun jar

The Pink Sun Jar uses solar energy and costs $39.99.

lamp wind turbine

The LED Wind turbine Gadget is actually cool and costs $17.99.

usb led candle

Buy the LED Blow On Off Candle Lamp for $11.99 and above. You could give it to men, women and children.

Gadgets for Child Care and Pregnancies

You cannot run away from reproductive health and gadgets that are meant for child care and child birth are necessary. You could buy it for a female friend or family or for yourself, if you are a woman.

parent baby cry

The Cry Meter baby Gadget measures why the child cries, and is great for both fathers and mothers. It costs $89.99.

parent fertility gadget

The Fertility Device allows you to check if you are fertile enough. It can be given to female friends and family £495.

parent pregnancy watch

For those who are worried about pregnancies or the lack of them, the LAKS Baby Boom pregnancy Watch is a great gadget and it costs 90 Euros.

Kitchen Gadgets

If you were looking for some gadgets for your kitchen, or for a friend’s or family’s kitchen, here are some cool ones.

kitchen portable oven

The Portable Microwave Oven is great for those who travel a lot, and it costs $299.95.

kitchen rubik grinder

The Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Grinders are great for those who think it is too boring to cook in the kitchen. They cost $14.99.

kitchen pizza cutter

If you hate trying to cut pizza with your knife, try these cool Pizza Cutter Scissors, and they costs just $20.

All these gadgets can be used by both men and women, and we do not intend to exaggerate the gender divide at all, and these gadgets show that there already is one, which could be changed by allowing both men and women to use all kinds of weird gadgets.