GBoard Google Keyboard Will Be an Ideal Christmas Gift for Gmail Addicts!

GBoard Christmas Gift1

All internet users, be it geeks or non geeks, are addicted to Gmail and all its awesome features which makes us connect and chat instantly with anyone across the globe. For all Gmail addicts GBoard, a very easy to use keyboard only for Gmail purpose will be an extremely interesting Christmas gift. One can just plug-in using USB port and enable short-cuts in Gmail settings and start using GBoard to receive, reply and organize emails in Gmail. The features are so advanced that one need not use standard keyboard at all to navigate.

GBoard Christmas Gift2

It is truly ideal for heavy Gmail users or for people who want to use internet only for emailing, for GBoard simplifies it all. GBoard is highly compatible with both Apple and Windows OS for it is just a plug-in Gmail friendly keyboard with 19 keys. Best part is all features are extremely user friendly. GBoard costs mere $19.99.

It looks like new gadgets will be high on everyone’s Christmas list for world has turned extremely geeky. Just check out Top Christmas Gift Gadgets for Women and Top Christmas Gift Gadgets for Men to get more gift ideas. Wish you all a very geeky Merry Christmas!