Star Wars Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head as Darth Tater: The Dark Lord Of The Evil

Star Wars Darth Tater(4)

Star Wars Darth Tater is no other than your most favorite Mr Potato Head with lot of add-ons and Star Wars theme to make him a little special and harmless Darth Vader. This character fun toy brings with it thirteen pieces of body parts to help your child increase their imagination power. Darth Tater – the Dark Lord Of The Evils was once a very promising Jedi who has lost all his roots. Back in your child’s hand might again rule the galaxy.

Star Wars Darth Tater(1)

Hasbro’s Star Wars Darth Tater comes with a lot parts and accessories that include a cape, helmet, arms, eyes, ears, mouse, nose, feet, teeth, tongue, face mask, arm and arm with lightsaber. All the items are attached to the spud via pegs and no need to worry about the spare ones too. All the spare items can be stored in a hatch behind the spud and believe me they all fit in the compartment.

Star Wars Darth Tater(3)

This dark lord of the evil can be a real fun for your child. With so many mix and match body parts, your kid will definitely love to dress up his favorite Mr. Potato Head as the famous villain character of Star Wars. Apart from immense fun, this Star Wars character toy will help your child use his or her imagination to create as many wacky looks as possible. So, gift your child with the Star Wars Darth Tater this Easter and help him rule the galaxy with this famous Star Wars character fun toy for less than $13.