An Amazing New Tetris Cake for Retro Gamers

new tetris cake

A cake designed after one of the world’s most popular games ever – Tetris, is definitely an amazing idea for the opening of a play and trade store and could easily interest many retro video gamers.

gaming tetris cake design

The Tetris cake patterns are made up of various bright and happy colors and provides references to many other games and game developers, such as Atari, 5th Cell, ArenaNet, Batman, Bungie, Super Mario Brothers, Pacman, Sony, Wii, Xbox, Zelda etc. The idea is perfect for the big opening of a new store, since the representations are all of and companies that supported them either directly or indirectly. The little caricatures that are seen on the cake are the employees without whom no company could ever be.

new tetris cake design

cool tetris game cake

To make something like this would definitely have taken a lot of thinking and hard work. Once having decided what colors to be used for which company or game, Lori must have also spent a lot of time deciding the Tetris pattern itself while at the same time making sure the cake is absolutely delicious.

sweet tetris cake art