Rozetkus 3D Power Socket Is A Compact Slide Out Design

Rozetkus 3D Socket Design

Compactness is one of the key prerequisites of modern day device designs, which is one of the primary reasons why this Rozetkus 3D Power Socket scores heavily and earns appreciation from all quarters. It is neat, slick, discreet, exquisite and extremely useful. The slide in-out design has literally floored most of us. Rozetkus has been designed by Anton Schnaider, with adequate guidance from ace artistic director Artlebedev. The final product of course has left more tongues wagging than you can imagine for something that is not so widely marketed. The 3D power socket would perhaps redefine home aesthetics in the days to come, considering how it would blend in with the ambiance while still leaving the audience gaping.

Rozetkus 3D Power Socket

Rozetkus has a total of 5 ports, with a two-pin option in four of them and a three-pin option in the fifth, which is the revealed side of the socket. The remaining four are visible once the socket slides out. That’s as much efficacy as you can eke out of a simple, ubiquitous device. Only, this one has been built for the future. Smart attempt, this!

Rozetkus 3D Power Socket Plugged

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