Optimus Prime Transformers Costume is Funny and Scary at the Same Time

optimus prime costume video

Sometimes while browsing the Internet you come across some of the most ridiculous things on the planet, and take for example this Optimus Prime Transformers Costume. It is an amazing costume which looks like you are Optimus Prime one minute and when you crouch down, it becomes the famous truck! It is just like Transformers truly are, transforming from one shape to another.

The robots in the Transformers show could transform into vehicles, electronic items and even humanoid figures, while retaining their robotic qualities. Likewise, this costume brings alive the 70s TV Show to the modern era and it does a great job at that! The way the man who is wearing the costume suddenly starts looking like Optimus Prime is an amazing thing to watch and I truly admire it. However, the pictures and the video are unfortunately of poor quality.

If you are a Transformers fan, I am sure you would love to wear this costume at least once to impress your friends or to have a great laugh about it! You could also take at the other Cool Transformer Costumes that we had written about earlier. Thanks to a great interest in the retro games and toys, people are creating awesome costumes and designs inspired by Transformers and other legacies of the last generations.