L’Hospice: The Superheroes are Dying!

old superheroes 1

On the pages of frayed comic books and in the movies with special effects, the superhuman characters that we have adored for decades never seem to grow old and die. In the event that they do die, they are showing dying young and from a battle wound too horrid to be treated. Sure, most of them aren’t immortal, but they do have vulnerabilities. Try showing Superman some Kryptonite and see him cringe with fear!

Most of these characters are still human and logic would insist that there would come a time when they would start showing signs of aging. We may not want that to happen but all good things come to an end. Gilles Barbier has courageously shown what none of us wish to see (or in truth, have maliciously always wanted to see!). Gilles has travelled far into the future and taken photographs of some famous superheroes in their old age. Titled L’Hospice, the images show six famed characters still in their traditional costumes but too old and weak to take a brisk walk, forget saving the world!

old superheroes 2

Aggressive Hulk has been reduced to a snot-colored husk of his former self and Superman is certainly not flying anywhere tonight. Catwoman and Mr. Fantastic are too tired to move and Captain America is struggling with his last breath but it is the sight of Wonder Woman’s sagging body that bring tears to my eyes. The horror! Why’d you have to go and ruin everything for us, Gilles?

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old superheroes 3

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