The New Portable iPhone Stand with Charger Has Come A Full Circle

Ever the launch of the iPhone the market has been flooded with different iPhone stands and other mods all with their own features, and this new iPhone dock is no different because it comes with an inbuilt charger and speakers giving you a wider range of functional features.

circular appstand 1

The main selling point of this Appstand is that is offers an internal battery which offers to keep your iPhone at full charge for about 7.50 hours (That’s the time it would take you to fly from New York to London) ans that too with only a 4 hour charge. The stand also incorporates two 1/2 watt speakers that ensure clarity of sound; or if you don’t wish to disturb the people around you, you can always plug in your headphones into the stand. The theme of this Appstand would be portability but what if you wished to place it on a table or a shelf? well, in that case all you have to do is to use the stand provided at the back to place t upright on the table; and the stands unique circular design allows you to rotate it to a vertical position without any hassle . The designers have also managed to pack in a microphone so to carry on conversations when your iPhone is docked into it.

This Appstand is just about 6.5 inches n diameter and weighs about 2 pounds thus making it easy to carry about; couple this with the sturdy aluminum body and you get the perfect portable Appstand to ensure that the phone experience just won’t end. P.S: It sells for just $129.99.

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