Santa Claus crafted of Mr. Potato Head Toy


If you want to add some cheer to the upcoming festivity, try making your own wacky Santa Potato head that is just as jolly and even seems a lot happier.

With this limited edition of Santa crated out of Mr. Potato Head, there’s reason enough to procure your own version of this super-special bearded man. You can even fit a splendid hat and beard on your Santa or use the funny face pieces to let your imagination run wild, thereby creating a silly Santa to have loads of fun holiday adventures. What’s more – you can even store pieces in your Santa’s posterior!

If you want to heighten the fun, try using mix-and-match potato parts like potato body, two ears, pair of eyes, nose, beard with lips, two arms, a pair of shoes and hat to dress up your own Santa.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this cool Santa Claus crafted beautifully of Mr. Potato Head to bring cheer and turn heads this Christmas for only $11.99.

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