Star Trek LED Menorah Design is Nine Times as Geeky

star trek led menorah

We all know how star Trek geeks are and how they would love newly released accessories and design, but thanks to this festive Star Trek Menorah, it is like they are getting nine times the geekiness in one special item. Oh yeah…and it is from a geeky Pez collection.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is and what you are celebrating this holiday season, for Geeks do not worry about religion when it comes to Star Trek gadgets.

With this special LED menorah, geeks receive their favorite Star Trek characters, Star Trek embelem, and an LED Starship Enterprise all in one fantastic holiday treat.

James T. Kirk is joined by Spock, McCoy, Chekov and the rest to light up 8 crazy nights in a Geek’s home. Well, if you want the Christmas version, then check out the different geeky Christmas Ornaments we seen before.

Via: evilMadScientist