The Mouth Watering Jenga Cake is Sweet and Tasty

jenga cake design

If you have ever wished to eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you may like the game alternative with the geeky Jenga cake. Looking to these luscious sweet bars with cherry on tops, the first word strike your brain is “Yummy”. One look to it will make you greedy and for all the sweet tooth out there will feel the heaven’s pleasure to have this.

Jenga is a game which requires a hell lot of physical and mental skills with great attention but this Jenga cake by CathyG which comes in different flavors will really give your mind a thorough fight. That’s because if you can’t control your greed, then you will end up eating this whole Jenga sweet rather then making a structure from it.

As you can see, this Jenga sweet tower is made up of large blocks of sweet cake which may be a foot long in length and a few inches thick in width. These lip-smacking sweets cakes are blasting the French Market and are enough to fulfill your love for sweets. It won’t be surprised if you get sweet carvings at mid night for these sweets because no one will be able to feel it better then me.

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