Spycam Classic Lighter Camera: A Geeky Device for the New Age Detective.

Spycam Classic Lighter Camera

As you are aware that Technology became much more advanced than what it used to be a few decades back with the changes of time and Camera could be the best example among various geek device invented and evolved with the science progression along with the time.

The first motionless photograph was made in 1826 using a sliding wooden box camera in Paris at the birth of photography. As the time apace the cameras also became sophisticated, as like the first digital camera came in market in 1975 was with a size twice as bigger as your head. Then the sizes of camera started getting smaller and advanced than earlier one and now we present the smallest camera with an excellent feature.

CE65 spycam lighter camera

This awesome spy gadget with a size of only 3.5″ x .9″ x .43″ (mm) is as little as a Gum Spy Cam and is best for detectives or for people who want to take photographs in a “cameras prohibited zone” or don’t want be disturbed at photography. With a camouflage of a standard classic style lighter and I can bet it’s next to impossible for a general person to realize the actuality. It can be clicked or filmed until the 4 GB space get full and Its comes with a non sound, single push button operation with an AVI video format of 680 x 480 resolution. Don’t worry about the batteries as it’s built in and can be charged using USB at any moment. So, if you are a professional or want to help out your friends or may be wanted to catch some one red handed then this geeky device cost of $59.99 will give you space perfectly.

CE65 Spycam Classic Lighter Camera