Spiderman Potato Head: Mr. Potato Head Returns Back Figuring As Spider-Spud

Spider Spud (1)

It seems everyone’s favorite icon hero Mr Potato Head is really geared by the America’s super hero – Spider Man, and with Hasbro’s iconic figure Mr. Potato Head is back in action again figuring the super hero as Spider Spud. Peter Parker Potato when bitten by a radioactive spider, he transformed into Spider Spud. Is this not enough to make your little one thrilled? While there are much more when you actually get the Spider Spud Kit in your hand.

Spider Spud (2)

Spider Spud in his super hero makeover looks simply great, and it comes with a bunch of accessories. Now, your kids will have much more fun with the new Spider Spud, mixing and matching the accessories, including shoes, eyes and glasses, ears and many more. It is up to you how you want to dress potato, as a Spider Spud or Peter Parker Potato. And that is not the end, you can even give your own imaginative look by mixing and matching all the accessories.

Spider Spud (3)

This unbelievable face changing of your kid’s potato friend is undoubtedly a great challenge. Your kid will hardly get any chance to be bore with the same fun toys. With so much of mixing and matching, the Spider Spud fun toy is surely to enhance your child’s imagination and creativity for less than $12.

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